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ZOOM Intel Unite 案例

This morning Zoom announced that we have developed a plug­in for the Intel Unite Solution – a platform designed to modernize meetings spaces for an easy and intuitive way to collaborate – with Zoom’s world­class video conferencing capabilities. Zoom has worked with Intel to develop a plug­in for the Intel Unite solution. The Zoom plug­in extends the Intel Unite solution collaboration capabilities with video conferencing, as well as supporting Zoom users outside of the conference room and enabling collaboration between the in­room participants and remote users who join on Zoom. 

Announcement:Zoom Designs New Capabillity for lntel@

Unite -ZoomBlog

June7,2016 by Priscilla Barolo

ZOOM Slack 案例

Announcement:Zonm Slack Integration-Zoom Blog

August 13,2015 by Zoom

You asked-we delicered! Today we announce our intergration with Slace real-time messging,archving,and search platform.That's right: the leading video conferencing and online meeting service.Zoom has intergrated with Slack to bring the best in productivity and communications to teams everywhere. Now Slack users can benefit form Zoom's  video,audio,and screen sharing to take their collaboration to the next level.

ZOOM Salesforce 案例

Announcement:Zonm Slack Integration-Zoom Blog

September 14,2015 by Zoom

Today Zoom announced our intergtion with Salesforce.Now users of the sales and marketing platform can start a Zoom meeting,email meeting information and automatically log the session as an acticity within Salesforce.As sales teams and their customers are increasingly geographically disbursed,integrations like this allow salespeople to connect with custoers and prospects more effciently without allering their wofkflow.

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